beach trip

We somewhat spontaneously joined friends over spring break for a few nights of camping at Edisto Beach State Park.  It ended up being a really wonderful trip.  The drive wasn't bad, the campground was blissfully quiet at night, the beach was a short bike trip away (and what fun it was to load down all the bikes and parade down the shoulder of the road to the beach!), there was delicious seafood very nearby, the weather was beautiful, we were with good friends......... a wonderful trip indeed.

Before we left, Claire packed a suitcase for her doll, Violet.  She packed Violet's blanket and Violet's dolls, and tucked a few of her own things inside as well.  And then she made 'activities' for Violet.  You know, for the car ride.  A maze, a coloring book......... so cute.

I admit I'm not the biggest fan of these lights when used as holiday decor, but on our friends' camper? Very fun!

marshy area at low tide, across from our campsite

nothing like camping with several of your buddies for a few days, especially when you're an only child! She had a blast.


old ice house at Botany Bay

Botany Bay 

turnip fleurs

yumyumyum.  I got oysters two days in a row.  this plus some veggies was my dinner.  

there was a couple who went around the campground blowing bubbles for the kids.  they said their grandson loved them, so they figured other kids would as well.  they were quite right about that.

beach selfie.  

yes please

I could watch her dance and skip along the shoreline for hours.  And she'll do it for hours too, whenever given the chance.  This little girl loves the ocean and the salty air and the seashells as much as her mama does, I do believe.

NOT our dog.  But he is the cutest, cuddliest little thing and I so enjoyed his company. 

mine and Claire's ride, beachside. 

beach booty brought home for garden decor and seaside daydreams

Until next time, salty sea air and sandy toes, ocean wave lullaby and seagull calls.


springy bits

overwintered greens, delicious honey from a friend, oxalis in a sunny window, bananagrams fun with friends, plant starts in the dining room, tulips, hardening off some of our babies (kale, cabbages, broccoli raab and piracicaba), peas and cilantro, larkspur volunteers aplenty, (coneflower and poppies, too), a quick mamas' overnight with a dear friend to a nearby campground with hot tubs and cabins on the river........ and her fairy garden.

it's supposed to be freezing the next two nights, but mostly these days it is feeling lovely and spring-like, and I'm loving it!


homeschool happenings

we're in a pretty good groove around here in terms of homeschooling.  we enjoy our slow and easy mornings.  she wakes and goes about with a little list of things she one day decided on her own were her 'morning chores'.  she lets the chickens out, makes her bed, brushes her hair and teeth, and gets dressed.  and then often gets a little listen in to whatever her current audiobook is while I do yoga or make tea and breakfast, and then we convene for food and a start to the school day.  which lately looks something like this:

language (these days it's a lot of reading aloud, intro grammar, and handwriting/spelling practice)

math (adding and subtracting with regrouping, fractions, math facts, telling time, etc)

science/nature studies (a smattering of mostly birdwatching, human body study, earth science, weather, botany, animal studies)

geography/social studies (just finished up our North America study, making map of NC, reading about women in history)

art class

one of the beautiful things about homeschooling is that there is also ample time for reading books in bed, playing outside, gathering with friends to welcome the change of seasons, and working on the garden together now that spring is here.  some of our new favorite homeschool activities are her ukulele lessons and a weekly poetry tea with good friends.  she is still doing horseback riding lessons, and now that the weather is warmer we will likely start going more regularly again.  she and papa are also starting to do some 'shop' classes together, and today they built a swing for her doll.  also, she is loving knitting.  especially using pencils instead of needles, even though I keep offering needles.